Point To Multipoint Networks

PtMP networks use a ‘hub and spoke’ approach to deliver data services. It consists of one or more broad-beam antennas on the hub site (Base Station) that are designed to radiate toward multiple end-user terminals, or sometimes referred to as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

PtMP network architecture is by far the most popular approach to fixed broadband wireless construction. It imitates the network topology successfully used for decades in wired telephone networks, cable television networks, and even electrical, gas, and water utilities of all sorts.

Wiconnect offers various PtMP solutions and services spanning sub 6GHz frequency bands which is more suitable for SOHO access applications as well as offering above 10GHz (10.5GHz, 26GHz, 27GHz and 28GHz) fulfilling high capacity backhaul requirements and Enterprise customer access VPN and Internet .

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