Wireless Technology

As the world moves further into the 21st century both its dependency and appetite for data has exponentially increased and hence making the realization that telecommunications infrastructure including wireless and mobile communications is as significant and as important to our well being as roads, water systems, and electrical distribution in supporting economic growth.

Slow propagation of fixed telecommunications solutions such as copper and fiber drives the need for a last mile solution that is cost effective and capable of delivering high throughput that are comparable to the throughput achieved over fixed networks.

WiConnect believes that Wireless Communication has grown faster during the last decade than any other application of communications engineering with extensive support from standards bodies such as 3GPP and IEEE and vendor’s Research & Development.

WiConnect provides a wide portfolio of wireless products and solution that suit most applications in today’s telecommunications industry, ranging from licenced to license exempt frequencies, from terrestrial to satellite solutions and all in a variety of network topologies ranging from Point to Point, Mesh, Point to Multipoint and MPTMP

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